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Our technology

From racing to sim racing.

Venym works in close collaboration with Mygale, which allows us to have the best engineers in real motorsport work on products for simracers. Analysis, design and calculation are the key words of our know-how. We have characterised everything that can happen in real life in order to translate it into simracing and to be able to make it available to all virtual drivers.

Developped from scratch.

William, the team's computer engineer at Venym, has worked for over 10 years at Playstation and now at Ubisoft as a developer. He designed and programmed all the software that goes with the pedal board in close collaboration with the best simracers. The idea was to bring to the software everything that was requested by the players.

We decided to develop our own electronic board in order to master all the possibilities around it. 

Full loadcell. Ultimate feeling.

We decided to use loadcells to transcribe the mechanical efforts into electronic information. We use 2 loadcells of 1kg for the accelerator and the clutch and a loadcell of 200kg on the brake because it is the pedal where we need to apply the most effort. 

As far as the mechanical feeling is concerned, the effort is transcribed by a spring for the accelerator, a spring plus a special kinematics in order to make the simracer feel the same sensation as in real life with the clutch. For the brake, the most relevant choice was the rubber which offers a real precision in the pressure of the pedal while giving a sensation of great effort as on a circuit.

F1 inspired design.

The pedals were designed to follow the F1 codes, i.e. with a fairly small base which then flares out like the inside of the monocoque. In order to have a precise design and a robust part, we decided to make an aluminium casting which will then be machined on NC machines.

Customization is our motto.

A complete specification in terms of adjustments was defined by the simracers so that they could adjust the pedals as they wished, pedals close to each other or far apart, adjustable pedal inclination, pedal support movable to 4 positions in order to adjust to all simracers.

Finally, the idea is to be able to customise your pedalboard to your image, colours, engraving, so that you no longer only have a mechanically good product but also a collector's item that you want to show off and that you are proud to use.

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